The goals of Cesar Vallejo College are:

  • To keep, improve and transmit a universal culture with critic and creative sense fostering national identity in a plural and diverse cultural context.
  • To foster, direct, and do research on humanities, science and technology, and encourage intellectual and artistic creation.
  • To train professionals with solid humanistic, scientific, technical foundations and high academic standards so they become responsible citizens in accordance with the current and future necessities of our society.
  • To train professionals within a new concept of a teaching-learning process that responds to the necessities for domestic development, in the context of modernization and globalization of our society.
  • To extend the actions and services to the community, fostering a comprehensive development of society with social responsibility. Likewise, to be an open space for a college education that promotes continuing learning, providing opportunities for personal realization and social mobility to educate citizens that actively participate in society and are open to the world to promote human rights, sustainable development, democracy, and peace.
  • To promote, generate, and disseminate knowledge through investigation as part of services that will be offered to the community. Furthermore, to provide appropriate technical competencies to contribute to the cultural, social, and economic development of society.
  • To contribute to the development and improvement of education at all levels, especially through the training of professors.
  • To contribute to the awareness of regional and national reality.
  • To implement work of prevision, alert, and prevention through a constant analysis of new social-economical tendencies, cultural and political, contributing to the definition and dealing of problems that affect the social welfare of communities, regions, and our country and world society.
  • To promote college social programs among the college community so that it becomes an institution of local actions that supports activities for its development, integrating both its actions and resources.
  • To comply with other functions under the constitution and law.