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Marketing 101

Marketing 101

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence; Its origin dates back several decades. It is a discipline that facilitates intuitive learning to computers and machines, without the need to program them, through the application of algorithms. However, it has gained space in today’s world due to the demand for computing and the insertion of digital from the activities of man’s life, accentuated by the COVID 19 pandemic, as well as the boom in data demand. This technology is present in the day to day of society in well-known applications such as spotify, netflix, Siri, among others.l becoming one of the pillars on which the digital transformation rests, in an integrated human – machine work.
This process of changes is framed in the fourth industrial revolution, being an element that characterizes it, the use of tools and innovation that changes what we know so far. This revolution requires new professional profiles, new jobs, new forms of commerce and the market. All this requires being prepared for new jobs, taking into account that Machine Learning brings many benefits.
Being of relevance its application, we consider it necessary to prepare ourselves to face the challenges and challenges of a digital world. In this sense, César Vallejo College presents its Specialization Program in Machine learning, which will allow today’s professional to respond to the new professional profile demanded by the market and today’s society.

“ The diversity of modules really broadened my thinking. The actual projects and assignments we did during the course taught me a lot about marketing – not just in theory, but also in practice”

Marina Gálvez

BS Business Administration in Management