Tuition Fees and Costs - Cesar Vallejo College
Tuition Fees and Costs
Tuition Fees and Costs


The tuition fee schedule for all undergraduate’s courses at Cesar Vallejo College has been calculated on a yearly basis and are subject to annual review and modification.

Non-Tuition Fees

  • Admission Fee ** $ 50.00 
  • Re-Admission Fee* $100.00 
  • Registration Fee ** $100.00 
  • Late Registration Fee (addition to registration fee) $ 75.00 
  • Validation of Credit Transfer $ 65.00 
  • Withdrawal Fee $100.00 (per course) ID Badge $ 10.00 
  • Transcript Fee $ 30.00 
  • Graduation Fee $ 50.00


*Must complete new Enrollment Agreement and will be charged Tuition and Fees per the rate at time of re-admission. **One-time fee.

Tuition Fees

  • AS Business Administration
  • BS Business Administration in Management
  • BS Business Administration in International Business
  • Full Time (per course) $ 650 USD 
  • Semester (15 credits) $ 3,250 USD
  • Total Tuition Associate (60 credits) $13,000 USD
  • Total Tuition Bachelor (120 credits) $26,000 USD

CVC offers all programs online. The cost for these programs is the same as the classroom in-person programs.

Cesar Vallejo College reserves the right to make any changes in tuition, fees, curriculum or any phase of its program where it is the opinion of the administration that the students of Cesar Vallejo College will be benefited. Financial changes will only apply to incoming new students. Students will be informed of all changes.