Why CVC? - Cesar Vallejo College
Why CVC?
Why CVC?

Value Proposition

Educational Model:

Introduction and principles

Designing and deployment of authentic learning experiences:

Every session, subject, assessment and assignment should be the result of the deliberate design of a learning experience where students can interact with reality in the conceptual and practical dimensions. Equally important in the design is the content and deployment of the experience using different technologies. Every experience must generate spaces and stimuli where tacit and explicit knowledge can be socialized, shared, internalized, and codified.

Student centric:

The new role of the educator, especially in this digital era, is to become a learning facilitator and orchestrator. Professors are equally knowledge curators, door keepers, and information editors. The student is the protagonist of his/her own learning where collaborative and interactive learning supported by digital technologies become the cornerstone of a new education model.

Integration of theory and practice:

At the undergraduate level it is necessary but not sufficient to be proficient at teaching. Great teachers differ from good in their ability to inspire the passion to learn, and to develop habits such as curiosity, creativity, collaboration, compassion and critical thinking.

Individual consideration and compassion:

We all learn in different ways and come from different backgrounds and realities. In the design of learning experiences, it is important to take the students’ individual differences into consideration as well as their interests, so we can connect with them and when possible customize our approach to both their learning styles and cultural context.

Benefits of studying at CVC

  • World-class faculty
  • American degree awarded by a US university licensed by the US government.
  • Academic programs approved by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Online Methodology. Hybrid format of distance education (synchronous and asynchronous) using Blackboard Ultra.
  • Experience different, relevant learning challenges that will prepare you for the future of work in a global context.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous classes in Spanish.