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Student Services
Student Services

Digital Library

Cesar Vallejo College Digital Library includes the Gale Virtual Reference Library and the ProQuest databases that store more than 5 million documents regarding different knowledge areas, particularly, the information required for the implementation of the academic programs being offered.

Students can contact the LIRN Consortium Librarian via email for any level of research assistance. lectures will address students on a variety of subject matters.


Counseling is available to all students regarding their academic progress, placement opportunities and other related matters. Students must make an appointment with the Director of Career Planning and Placement.

Students must make an appointment with the Director of Career Planning and Placement. The College maintains relationships with the Chamber of Commerce, and State and Federal Agencies to help meet our students’ professional needs.

Academic Advisement

All students are assigned an academic advisor. Cesar Vallejo College faculty and administration attend to each student’s academic needs in a professional and caring manner.

Finance Department

Cesar Vallejo College provides a Finance Department to accept payments of tuition and fees as well as to answer any basic questions about a student’s account

Hours of operation are from

9:00 am – 5:00 pm during normal operating hours.

Placement and Career Services

Cesar Vallejo College helps graduates find employment in their field of study.

The College assists students on career preparatory activities such as resume development, participation in career fairs and professional networking. All programs are designed to prepare graduates for entry-level positions. Resources are readily available to students; job placement assistance is accessible to all graduates through Career Services. Cesar Vallejo College cannot guarantee employment. 

However, Career Services will make every effort to assist their students in their job search. The College is committed to make sure that students succeed.

Students requesting career service assistance must provide a signed authorization allowing Cesar Vallejo College to send their resume to potential employers as part of a graduate’s job search, since Cesar Vallejo College complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).