Cesar Vallejo College - Florida, USA

Mission Statement

Cesar Vallejo College trains proficient, productive, competitive, and creative professionals, who act with great humanist and scientific sense. Our students are compromised with the country sustainable development in order to become innovative role models who protect and preserve our environment.

The services offered have been designed and tailored to the needs of the more relevant component of the users, enabling them to obtain an added value, fundamental for the insertion in the labor market. The academic demands and the cost of the programs meet the expectations and possibilities of the users.

Cesar Vallejo College offers Bachelor Degree in Science:

  • Management (Bachelor in Science)
  • International Business (Bachelor in Science)
  • To train professionals capable of managing the exchange of goods, services, and capital investment through international transactions within a context of global competence, training international entrepreneurs compromised with the socio-economic development of the country.

    It aims at achieving an exit profile with general and specific competencies so that students become competent professionals in order to perform accordingly in a professional world and apply, produce, and develop scientific and technological knowledge contributing to the development from a global perspective.