Customized Executive Education

Customized Executive Education

Our non-credit executive education programs portfolio is only available in-company; offered for contract training.

COVID-19 has disrupted business continuity, leaving companies exposed to unexpected challenges. We offer a suite of programs to help your company address these challenges and satisfy your team’s learning needs.

CVC offers contract open-enrollment programs that allow your staff to engage with industry leaders and world-renowned faculty. We tailor our programs to meet your company’s unique learning objectives. Our programs are offered online, in-person, or in a hybrid learning environment.

Academy of Data Science and Artificial intelligence (ADSAI)

School of Entrepreneurial Leadership and Corporate Strategy (SELBS)

Institute for Sustainable Innovation (ISI)

International Center of Excellence in Supply Chain (ICESC)

Pharma Management Institute (PMI)

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Let’s create a strategic advantage and unleash our potential.

Cesar Vallejo College provides a value-driven education focused on workforce relevance and broad student access. .

Our learning experiences will create the required
mindset associated with the entrepreneurial spirit:
identification of opportunities; risk tolerance and
uncertainty; resourcefulness for innovative solutions;
rapid recovery from failure, and development of
resilience. naturally in your everyday work, not
from a prescribed list, but from a deep personal
understanding of the principles.

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