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How to Balance Work & School in 2023

How to Balance Work and School in 2022

Maintaining a balance between work and school requires serious self-discipline, but it is something that can be achieved through planning and a proper mindset. You may even find it easier to keep your work-school balance by taking breaks when you are under the most pressure in school. If you are able to take work time off, try to time it around these high-stress times to keep the pressures of school from impacting your work performance.

Full-Time Work and Full-Time Student

If you are working full-time, your boss might be willing to make accommodations and allow you to take time off during times of schoolwork and high stress. When working full-time and going to school, it can be difficult to squeeze in daily chores and tasks. You need to learn to manage your time when studying, regardless of where you are taking classes. Not doing so, could soon become the only thing on your mind.

Every decision in higher education involves opportunity costs, and if you are trying to make it as a student with a full-time job, you need to arrange your priorities. Whether you are getting a bachelor’s degree in business or international marketing, being both a full-time employee and a student requires balancing. Finding a flexible job and getting a degree at a college that works with your schedule, such as an online college like Cesar Vallejo College, can go a long way toward helping you balance life.

Before you consider working during your undergraduate years, you will want to talk with yourself up front about how much extra time you really have. If you think that you could commit to working 15 hours per week, consider how long it would take for you to commute, how long your typical shift would be, and how much time you need to do other things, such as take care of yourself.

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