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How to Stay Motivated and Succeed in Online Learning

How to Stay Motivated and Succeed in Online Learning

One of the hardest things about learning a new degree online is to stay motivated. A new degree is a fresh start and a journey that will likely take a few years to complete. It is guaranteed that many bumps will come along the way. How can you remain motivated throughout this time and successfully complete your online degree? We are going to break down a few tips to help keep you on track.

Create a study schedule

First, and probably most importantly, create a study schedule. Here it is important to establish a routine that works for you and accommodates your lifestyle. Make sure you have a designated study time either everyday or a few times a week. This study time is designated to just studying, no other distractions. Stick to this schedule as it becomes part of your daily or weekly routine. 

Organized study area

Next, keep your study area organized. This is both on the physical and digital side. Make sure you have a clean and well maintained study area that prevents distractions. Most people overlook their computer setup, but make sure to close out unnecessary tabs and programs. Also, clean up the desktop icons and organize downloads and important files with names and folders that are easy to navigate. Online studying requires lots of downloads and uploads and you don’t want to lose your important homework. When you are organized you eliminate a stress factor.

Productivity tools

Another way to be organized is to use productivity tools to remind you of important dates and tasks. Make sure to set up calendars and to do lists. Nowadays there are many online tools like Google Calendar and Apple’s Reminder that alert you on due dates. There are even all in one tools that can help you track financial expenses within the same program as the calendar and reminders. Most of these apps are free and help tremendously when it comes time to create an organized lifestyle. 

Take a break

One of the most overlooked steps to staying motivated is taking breaks. It sounds counterproductive but many students fail to fulfill their goals because they get burnt out. A healthy break from studying is vital, especially if you also balance work and school. The keyword is healthy break. Every couple of hours take 20 minutes away from the books and lessons to walk, meditate, or even just rest your eyes. These little breaks will help keep your mind fresh and engaged. 

We hope that these tips help you stay motivated and achieve your goal of earning your online degree. Here at CVC we offer business degrees in Spanish and 100% online. Ask about our programs here. Make sure to stay up to date with our latest posts here.

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