Congrats Graduating Class UCV - Cesar Vallejo College

Congrats Graduating Class at UCV ’22!

Congrats graduating class at UCV

Congrats to the graduating class at UCV. Every year a new group of students graduate, taking the next step in their professional career. These students are the future leaders and job creators of the world. They will open doors for others and represent those who guided them along their journey to become the professionals of the future. From our campus in Miami, we would like to congratulate the class of UCV 2022 on achieving this amazing goal. May your future be bright and filled with success. 

We offer those students graduating at UCV and across Perú the opportunity to obtain a degree in the United States completely online and in Spanish. We are certified by the Department of Education in the state of Florida. Our prices are competitive within the market and our professors are experienced internationally. Find out what it takes to become a CVC alumni and start your American dream the right way. Remember our next cycle starts September 6th.

Here was our stand at the ceremony at the UCV campus.

Start to create your international future.

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