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Hispanic Heritage Month

This Thursday starts Hispanic Heritage Month which lasts until October 15th. During this time, it is normal to find local cultural events across the United States. Usually, Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations are parades, but you might find small community parties at your local park. At these parties you’ll be able to indulge in the cuisine of the different countries as well as folklore, music, and art.

During the month-long celebration several central and south American countries celebrate their independence. On September 15th these five countries celebrate their independence which they declared back in 1821, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The following day Mexico celebrates its independence. On September 18th the south American country of Chile celebrates its independence. And to wrap up the month on October 12th the “Día de la Raz” is celebrated. This date was formerly known Columbus Day.

Here at Cesar Vallejo College, we want to honor Hispanic Heritage Month and highlight some key figures throughout the month that has helped push the culture forward in the United States. People like Cesar Chavez, Celia Cruz, Ellen Ochoa, Jorge Ramos among other notable figures. How are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month? Let us know in the comments of our Instagram page!

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