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Average Salary for CVC Majors

Having a hard time choosing a major to study at CVC? Here is a little motivation to help make that choice easier. This is a list of the average salaries for CVC career fields.

Management average salary

First, let’s discuss our BS BA in Management. A career field that covers all types of management abilities and helps our students have real world expectations of the business management world. A graduate in management can expect to earn just under $60,000 a year on average. Add some experience as well as post grad studies and the yearly earnings are closer to $100k. Not a bad first choice to study.


Next, we offer our BS BA in International Marketing. This is a program that opens the world of marketing to our students who may be interested in digital marketing, sales, and working with marketing teams positioned around the world. The career pays an average of $50k annually for starting positions. After some years of experience, marketers may be able to almost triple their yearly income. It is an interesting career path to take, especially for those students with creativity and abilities to sell.

International Business average salary

Another interesting option is our BS BA in International Business. Here students learn all about the ins and outs of the international business world. Graduates of this program can expect to earn just about $65,000 a year. As with the other careers, after a few years of experience pay can be expected to get closer to $100,000 a year.

Supply Chain and International Commerce

Finally, the last option we offer is a BS BA in Supply Chain Management and International Commerce. This option is great for students who love logistics. So, what does a supply chain manager make? Expect to make around $70k annually.

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