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Education Trends to Watch For

Education trends? Yes, as the years pass, everything we know and love evolves to fit with the modern times. Education doesn’t get left behind. We’ve seen the evolution of chalkboards to online classes. However, what’s next for the education sector?


The first education trend that captures our attention is the “gamification” of classroom activities. The best way to describe this is to think of making class activities competitive. The reason? Well, playing games in learning environments creates higher engagement as well as helping demonstrate cognitive learning. This trend fits perfectly in high school settings, but don’t think that higher education can’t be fun and engaging too.


Another education trend we believe to be on the rise is the integration of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) in the classroom. This trend requires a bit of investment but as the technology becomes more readily available it will be less expensive to integrate. VR and AR technology can bring to life hard to grasp topics like chemistry, astronomy, physics to life. Imagine being able to explore earth’s geography in a virtually interactive 3D model from the classroom. This technology works great in higher education and makes a difference factor in when choosing classes for sure.

Personalized education

Out of all the education trends, personalized learning is the one that is simple to implement and could be taking over soon. It’s an easy concept to bring to reality. Educators identify the strengths and weaknesses of a student and tailor make a curriculum to their needs. This has been proven to work better that the “one size fits all” classroom environment.

So, from the education trends we mentioned above, which do you consider to be evolutionary in education? At CVC we are constantly looking for ways to improve and help us stand out. Follow us on our social media. Don’t forget our semester starts soon, sign up here.

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