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What is International Business? 

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What is international business? In short, it is the style of business that has production, goods, or services that crosses into another country’s border. The surge in this field can be directly related to the increase in globalization. With the ease of scalability and reduced costs of goods and labor in foreign countries, the practice of outsourcing has become normalized. Here at CVC we offer a BS BA in Business Administration completely online. Our students learn how to become successful professionals capable of understanding and managing all aspects of international businesses.

What does a professional in international business need to know? A key element that a great international businessman (woman) must have is excellent strategic planning. Another important factor is to be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company. Having a strong background in management allows for the this person to take critical decisions to help improve things such as supply chain, logistics or suppliers. Creating back up plans otherwise known as business continuity plans, helps ensure that even when faced with particular situations the business will not stop operating.

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