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What is International Marketing?

What is international marketing? In simple terms international marketing, or global marketing, is the marketing process of a good or service at a larger scale. A marketing department can be responsible for planning, executing the conceptualization, pricing, and distributing the ideas, goods, and services. For international marketing these same processes would be carried out across international borders serving a broader audience. 

First off, a key point of international marketing is working with at least two countries. With that being said, studying in international marketing you’ll be able to develop specific marketing strategies for each target audience. International companies look for global marketers to help brand their products in new markets. What’s more, think of your favorite product, chances are these products are in other countries with a completely different brand identity.

Real world examples

Moreover, in the USA Nike has many top athletes to help push the “Just do it” campaign. One Nike athlete is LeBron James. We have seen him in several Nike campaigns through the years. Now if you cross the pond, Nike has alliances with soccer (football) clubs all over England. Another example is Starbucks. We all know that the fall is synonymous with pumpkin spice, however in south america this product does not connect the same. What did they end up doing? Starbucks uses social media to create FOMO and make it trendy to try their seasonal drinks. It works like a charm. This is just a surface level example. Brands all over the world do this to appeal to the local markets.

In conclusion, this is a brief introduction to international marketing, one of the four business degrees we offer at Cesar Vallejo College. If you want to learn more about this degree and get information about our program click here. Make sure to follow us to keep up-to-date.

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