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Institute for Sustainable Innovation (ISI)

Institute for Sustainable Innovation (ISI)


CVC offers this non-credit programs in a contracted open-enrollment format to organizations.

It is tailored to meet your company’s unique learning objectives. Your staff will engage with industry leaders and world-renowned faculty. The Institute for Sustainable Innovation programs are offered online, in-person, or in a hybrid learning environment.


Professora Monica Velasco

PhD. in Business Administration, Tecnologico de Monterrey.
Dr. Velasco has deep expertise in the development of innovation projects and has lead different research projects related to learning innovation capabilities, competitiveness and sustainable development. She is currently a researcher at CONACYT, the most important research institution in Mexico and is a member of IRIS, an impact investment assessment organization.

Alicia Ancona

MBA, The University of Texas at Austin.
Alicia is an expert in the development of digital solutions, problem solving, innovation and digital new venturing. Alicia is a serial entrepreneur engaged in many technology intensive start-ups.

Who we are

Businesses have a vital role to play in solving social and environmental issues through innovation, market development, and entrepreneurship. CVC’s faculty has developed over time the expertise required to link innovation to sustainable performance. The Institute’s focus is to engage companies, local governments and relevant stakeholders in the development projects and educational initiatives leading to increase the innovation collective expertise.

Our resources

We have access to expert academics and practitioners in the arena of innovation, problem solving, digital technologies and sustainability solutions that will give life and cross-fertilize our programs and initiatives with creativity, imagination, experimentation and execution.

Our Philosophy

Innovation is less about novelty and more about impact. The key to our innovation philosophy is to find solutions that have profound impact with limited resource. We call these model high leverage solutions. Our faculty has developed a framework for innovation called Innovation for Growth (I4G).

Identify relevant problems

Generate sensible and intelligent analyses

Significantly enhance their capacity to control and predict

Think in both dimensions: linear and non-linear

Communicate their findings and insights in simple yet meaningful ways

Program Portfolio

Disruptive Innovation Workshop, Mastering the Unpredictable

New Product Development Strategies Worksho

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Let’s create a strategic advantage and unleash our potential.

Cesar Vallejo College provides a value-driven education focused on increasing your workforce capabilities and relevance while maximizing students’ access.

Our learning experiences will create the required mindset associated with the entrepreneurial spirit: identification of opportunities; risk tolerance and uncertainty; resourcefulness for innovative solutions; rapid recovery from failure, and development of resilience.