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Pharma Management Institute (PMI)

Pharma Management Institute (PMI)


CVC offers this non-credit programs in a contracted open-enrollment format to organizations.

It is tailored to meet your company’s unique learning objectives. Your staff will engage with industry leaders and world-renowned faculty. The Pharma Management Institute are offered online, in-person, or in a hybrid learning environment.


Professor Guillermo Carrasco

PhD in Organizational Management; National Autonomous University of Mexico; Master in Health Economic, Pompeu Fabra Spain.
Prof. Carrasco has more than 30 years of experience in the Pharma sectors, developing open and in-company training programs for all the major Pharma firms established in Latin America. In his 15 years as a practitioner, he worked in operations and top management positions in Schering Plough and Sanofi with local and regional responsibilities. He has lectured for more than 20 years in different Universities in Latin America and Spain. Forbes, CNN and Fortune LATAM have featured Dr. Carrasco in many publications and appearances as subject expert.

Who we are

South Florida has one of the most sophisticated life sciences clusters in the world. Within this cluster, many global Pharma firms such as Baxer, Lilly, Apotex, Novartis Latin America are at the core generating business for high-end manufacturers of specialized inputs and supplies such as Generic Specialties, Dazmen Pharmaceutical and Trifecta Pharmaceuticals among others. Responding to the training and developing needs of the sector, we established the Pharma Management Academy.

We are a best-practices aggregator unit aimed to develop Pharma professionals with the knowledge, competencies and skills required to excel and successfully navigate through the digitalization and integration of Industry 4.0 into the Pharma cluster in South Florida and Latin America.

Our Resources

Our faculty integrates practical experience and strong academics in the pharma sector. While our instructors have been exposed to best practices in established firms, they particularly stay abreast of new entrants, new developments and future challenges.

Our Philosophy

Integrate the most advanced management concepts into the Pharma management processes and practices focusing on the improvement of key performance metrics under the umbrella of the most advanced and relevant research.

Identify relevant problems

Generate sensible and intelligent analyses

Significantly enhance their capacity to control and predict

Think in both dimensions: linear and non-linear

Communicate their findings and insights in simple yet meaningful ways

Program Portfolio

Pharmaceutical Marketing Executive Program

Certificate in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

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Let’s create a strategic advantage and unleash our potential.

Cesar Vallejo College provides a value-driven education focused on increasing your workforce capabilities and relevance while maximizing students’ access.

Our learning experiences will create the required mindset associated with the entrepreneurial spirit: identification of opportunities; risk tolerance and uncertainty; resourcefulness for innovative solutions; rapid recovery from failure, and development of resilience.