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International Center of Excellence in Supply Chain (ICESC)

International Center of Excellence in Supply Chain (ICESC)


CVC offers this non-credit programs in a contracted open-enrollment format to organizations.

It is tailored to meet your company’s unique learning objectives. Your staff will engage with industry leaders and world-renowned faculty. The International Center of Excellence in Supply Chain are offered online, in-person, or in a hybrid learning environment.


DR. Ricardo Thierry

PhD in Industrial Engineering Texas A&M
Dr. Thierry has conducted projects for top 500 Companies such as Unilever, IBM , Walmart, and for some of the largest Latin American Multinationals such as FEMSA and Kimberly Clark. He has lectured and deliver key-note presentations in more than 30 different countries. He has lectured in several universities in Spain, Germany, Ecuador, USA, Mexico among other countries and was a visiting Professor at the Hamburg School of Logistics. Dr. Thierry integrates the experience from practice and the insights from academia since he held several positions in the automotive industry and has conducted research in the areas of Logistics and Distribution Systems. He is a senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineering and of the Global Logistics Research Initiative (GLORI).

Who we are

Miami is one of the most important logistics hubs in the world. With about 50,000 employees, our Center of Excellence will serve the needs of the development of hard and soft skills for the professionals responsible for the optimization, resilience, innovation and reliability of the supply chain. Particularly the ICESC will focus in the developing a strategic understanding of the functioning of the supply chain as a closed system, identifying the opportunities for both the increase in operational efficiency while creating unique value for internal and external customers.

Our resources

We have access to lead practitioners and academics with expertise in managing different stages of the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. Our faculty roster includes experts in land, sea, and air logistics leading the implementation of e-logistics and the integration of bid-data and Artificial Intelligence in, within, and between supply chains.

Our Philosophy

As globalization becomes more pervasive so does the inter-connectivity of supply chains across the globe. Latin-America has become essential for the supply of foods and commodities for the developed economies. These two phenomena has fueled the imperative to transform supply chains into green supply chains. Our approach is to explore ways to optimize the interaction between different actors of the supply chain as well as the interaction of the supply chain with the environment and new technologies.

Identify relevant problems

Generate sensible and intelligent analyses

Significantly enhance their capacity to control and predict

Think in both dimensions: linear and non-linear

Communicate their findings and insights in simple yet meaningful ways

Program Portfolio

Strategic Sourcing, Partnering and Outsourcing

Digital Supply Chain Management

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